Bolivian president Evo Morales is a soccer enthusiast and will apparently become a professional offensive midfielder. He will report to next season’s training camp with a first division club, Sports Boys from Santa Cruz.  He will play 20 to 30 minutes per match.

The team is only waiting for the new registration forms so that they can register Morales. He will wear number 10 and he will earn minimum wage, around 200 dollars a month, according to club president Mario Cronenbold.

He is no stranger to the obstacles and difficulties football players face. He is a registered player with Litoral, a team he played for in 2008. He had no luck, never scored.

Cronenbold commented on Morales and said, “He is good with the ball and has a powerful shot.” The team hopes that the 55 year old midfielder has better luck this time.

Argentine Christian “El Ogro” Fabianni and Jaime Moreno will be receiving Morales’ passes.  Fabianni is the former River Plate and Independiente striker. Moreno who used to play for DC United. Sports Boys ranks ninth among 12 teams in the standings with the league in playoffs.