In the early hours of Saturday, Nov. 5, the world came to know about the death of Rocío Michel Adames, a 17-year-old girl.

The unfortunate victim was chatting with her friends and family when she was killed by her ex-boyfriend, 'Luigi', and his father, William Eligio, alias 'Victor', with a firearm, said reports.

According to official reports, the victim was celebrating the arrival of her uncle, Pedro Coco Peña, in the city, so they set out to have fun in one of the corners of her house, located in the municipality of Villa María, in the Dominican Republic.

There was 'Luigi' and the older brother of the deceased. According to Peña, after a family discussion in which the young woman's ex-partner would have been included, the situation turned tense. The ex-partner behaved out of character and stabbed RocoRocío Michel.

“We were having a pretty good time. There a problem arose that wasn't because of us and the ex-boyfriend called the father and told him that he was locked up and that they wanted to kill him. At that moment, the man came shooting, ”said one of the minor's friends to the chain Noticias Sin.

According to some versions, the deceased's friends intervened to stop "Luigi" from continuing to violate the minor's integrity and cornered him somewhere on the property. At that moment, the aggressor called his father to help him, but he attacked those present with a firearm.

Rocío Michel, who arrived at the Dr. Vinicio Calventi Hospital without vital signs, was the lone victim of the incident who sustained injuries and died. Family and friends mourn the departure of who for them was an "intelligent, loving, and noble" young woman.

Since the early hours of last Saturday, Alias "Victor" and his son have both been on the run from the law. The security cameras of the place managed to capture the moment in which the shots were generated and the subsequent flight of the aggressors.

To try and track down individuals involved and bring them to justice, the authorities have already set up a search strategy.

The NYPD is still investigating the stabbing.
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