A 33-year-old former music teacher has pleaded guilty to 35 offenses of child sex offenses before a Melbourne Magistrate Court on Friday, Apr. 29.

He was identified as Benjamin Heels, who admitted to a string of child sex offenses – including that of intentionally touching a child and producing child abuse materials, the Mail reported.

In a series of weird photographs, the 33-year-old man could be seen wearing a clown costume while others showed him in a Harry Potter-themed pajamas.

In a dock over video link along with his boyfriend, identified as Tristan Cullinan-Smayle, Heels pleaded guilty to separate charges that included possessing and transmitting child abuse materials, including procuring a child for sexual activity.

Heels was arrested in May 2021 after he was caught with child abuse materials that were stored on an electronic device. The court added that the 33-year-old produced child abuse materials between Jan. 1 to May 20, just days before he was arrested.

Before his arrest, Heels worked as a music teacher for the Fountain Gate Secondary College where he previously urged parents to stop their kids from singing about sex.

“Parents please make sure you are sending your kids to a vocal coach who understands their voice,” Heels said in a Facebook post. “Call me old fashioned but I cringe and get so uncomfortable hearing children sing songs about sex.”

It was added that Heel’s boyfriend, Cullinan-Smayle, had offenses that date back to December 2017.

At the age of 28, Cullinan-Smayle allegedly used a carriage service to procure a child to engage in sexual activity.

Both men are set to appear before the court later this month of May. The case was first reported by the Herald-Sun.

The two men were the subject of interim non-publication court orders which prevented the disclosure of their identities and also spared them embarrassment. However, those orders have both expired.

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