Russia and Ukraine with their war although the end of the winter season could be a factor. This is according to the opinion of a former NATO official James Stavridis who sees Russian forces exhausted after the winter season.

Speaking on WABC 770, Stavridis pointed out that while Ukraine may be winning the war on the ground, Russia still held the advantage in the air.

For those who may not know, Stavridis is a retired US Navy admiral who from 2009 to 2013 served as NATO's Supreme Allied Commander, one of the most powerful roles after the secretary general.

"I don't see either side having a breakthrough moment — at least this winter," Stavridis said to show host, John Catsimatidis.

"Unfortunately, the first chance we can get to a negotiation is going to be after the winter. The Russians will be burned through and exhausted, losing so many men, so much equipment,” he added.

With that said, the ex-NATO commander went on to add that this development would go on to likely pressure both sides to try and enter peace talks to put an end to the conflict

"On the Ukrainian side, the pressures from the West, in order to avoid further costs, is going to become significant," Stavridis stated. "When I put it all together, more war to go. Ukrainians win it on the ground. Russians winning in the skies."

Ukrainian and Russian forces are fighting along an approximately 600-mile front, with Ukraine reportedly forcing Russia into defensive positions in the south and northeast, while Russian forces are seeking to advance around the eastern city of Bakhmut.

Russia is believed to have lost a lot of soldiers to date and is believed to be drafting more than 500,000 civilians to reinforce them in a planned spring offensive according to Ukrainian intelligence.

This has however been denied by the Kremlin.

Ukraine Wagner Group Rep. Pic
The infamous Wagner mercenary group is reportedly fortifying portions of the Ukrainian Eastern Front on Thursday, as they continue their battle to keep occupied Ukrainian cities in Russian hands. This is a representational image. Artem Kniaz/Unsplash.

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