A former Wales Rugby Union (WRU) employee claimed that rape joke was cracked by a person within the governing body.

The woman said that within the WRU, there is a culture of misogyny and sexism, and that an unnamed staff member openly joked about wanting to rape her, according to Opera News.

The woman in her forties made a series of allegations against WRU individuals in a formal grievance letter. Her letter, which was sent to the WRU in April 2021, said that she was "suffering with work related stress and extreme anxiety caused by multiple, systemic failings of the WRU to provide a fair and supportive environment within which to fully execute the demands of my role."

According to Daily Mail, when she was with the organization, she reported several inappropriate incidents to the WRU, but no one took any action. Apart from the rape joke, she alleged that another man made sexist remarks about the Wales women’s team two years ago. The man apparently called upon her to stop her "crusade" over the women’s game, and he allegedly said that women didn't know what it was like to be professional rugby players.

This was so as they had only played "a bit of netball" and athletics, the man allegedly said. His remarks were made when the Wales women’s side were still amateur, but they turned professional in 2022.

WRU staff used racist terms such as 'P***" on a Zoom call, she indicated and said that it was ignored. The explosive claims made by the woman, who worked in sport for more than 20 years, are yet to be proved. She had been backed by former WRU chief executive Martyn Phillips, who appointed her.

A senior manager had advised her not to take on a role at the WRU. The manager also warned her that they will "eat you up and spit you out." She claimed that after a year, she was told by a senior colleague that she was "a bit like Hitler." She was apparently told that she has a way of bringing people on her journey like a "cult leader." She was told that one colleague would find her "difficult" and would feel "threatened" by her because he was not a "modern leader," she claimed.

Last week, a preliminary hearing was staged between the woman and the WRU at the Employment Tribunal, and the case was held in private.

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