Exercise-At-Home Demo: Laura Posada Shares Gym Routine For Those With Busy Schedule [VIDEO]

Laura Posada
Laura Posada encourage healthy living by sharing with Latin Times readers an exercise routine that can be done perfectly at home. Photo: Courtesy

We are only weeks away from summer, and we understand that living a healthy life can be a bit complex when we don't have much time to attend the gym or eat low-fat foodsLaura Posada, Wonderful Pistachios’ Health Ambassador, does not believe in excuses and assures that we can always take a moment for ourselves during the course of the day. Therefore, she shared with Latin Times exclusively, exercises that can be done perfectly at home.

After Laura's demonstration, we put everything we learned into practice and combined it with a Miami-inspired workout party session at 305 Fitness. In a judge free zone, all the assistants sweat the stress out dancing the hottest music with fun movements in a unique atmosphere.

Having food, beverages and specialized products to keep your lifestyle healthy is not difficult if you have the disposition. Find below a list of key foods and products created especially for people who enjoy physical activities and want to maintain a good figure.

  • Panda Express Five Flavor Shrimp:

Five Flavor Shrimp Five Flavor Shrimp brings together five quality ingredients to create one flavorful dish featuring large premium marinated shrimp, fresh cut red bell peppers, onions and green string beans. Photo: Courtesy Panda Express

Five Flavor Shrimp is inspired in Shanghainese cuisine and created with quality ingredients with five different flavors: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. This dish is packed with 14 grams of protein and only 210 calories per serving, ideal for people that are looking for healthier alternatives, but still delicious!

  • Pistachios are a Heart-Healthy snack: 

Pistachios Pistachios are Heart-Healthy! Photo: Courtesy Wonderful Pistachios

A serving and a half of nuts per day, such as pistachios, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol is a heart-healthy snack. You get three times the amount of fiber and protein per serving, plus you can enjoy 49 pieces per serving compared to just 15 potato chips. For an afternoon treat, pair in-shell pistachios with hummus and your favorite dipper (pita chips, veggie sticks), and fresh fruit for the perfect healthy snack anytime of the day.

Satisfy cravings for something savory and crunchy without comprising your healthy eating goals. Pistachios offer a good source of protein and fiber and may help you “fool yourself full” since the shells may offer a visual cue about how much has been eaten. Pair Wonderful Pistachios with a few pieces of dark chocolate and cherries for an indulgent (yet healthy) pairing.

  • NEW Capri Sun Sport:

Capri Sun Sport NEW Capri Sun Sport, a flavored water sports drink specifically formulated for outdoor activities. Photo: Courtesy

A flavored water sports drink specifically formulated to keep you and your family hydrated and feeling like superstars on and off the field.​ Made with a blend of electrolytes and water, 20 percent less sugar and 25 percent fewer calories than leading regular sports drinks, this new water beverage has no high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and is now available at retailers nationwide in three flavors, including Citrus Rush, Fruit Frenzy and Grape Blast.

  • U by Kotex FITNESS*:

Kotex Throw your FitPak* in your gym bag and get on with your workout! It fits 3 compact tampons in it, all while being durable and discreet. Photo: Kotex

Tampons, pads & liners for active girls are here! In one click you can go from compact to full-sized protection with  FITNESS* Tampons. They expand all around for total protection in every direction and with the durable, compact, and discreet FitPak* you’re able to throw them in your gym bag and go. 

Feel confident when you work out with FITNESS* Pads that stay in place so you don’t have to. Their unique design is shaped to fit and flex with your body to keep you comfortable during exercise. And with the drawstring package, you’ll never worry about pads falling out of your gym bag.

Whether you’re going for a walk or about to jump on the treadmill, FITNESS* Liners are great for when you’re on the go. Their DualFlex Zones move with you to keep protection where you need it. And with the drawstring package, you’ll never worry about losing your liners.


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