A young Mexican girl took her own life after posting disturbing pictures on Facebook following a heartbreak. Gabriela Hernández Guerra, 22, had been dating an Ecuadorean guy she met online. Their relationship was mainly virtual because he lives in his native country. The boy, who has only been identified as Julio, apparently asked Gabriela to break up because he felt that the relationship was not working out because of the distance between them. Gabriela didn't take it too well and began posting selfies picturing her with tears in her eyes and looking upset and sad.

Her latest picture, however, came with a disturbing image of the young woman with a sheet tied up around her neck, tears in her eyes, a smile on her face, and a worrying message that read the following: "Goodbye to all, I don't have anything now, I don't have anything. Julio I love you, never forget it. I'm leaving with a smile because you made me very happy while this lasted. To my family, I ask for your forgiveness. Love, Gabi." Other messages on her Facebook account talk about feeling guilty and responsible for the breakup, which was over chat messages, since the only time she communicated with her "boyfriend" was whenever they were online.

Authorities confirmed that Hernández Guerra did, in fact, take her life at her home in the Yecuatla municipality, in Misantla, Veracruz. Her family told police that despite her mood swings, they never imagined she could commit suicide because they didn't notice if she was depressed. Gabriela was a student, and also sold floral arrangements. Her death sparked many comments on social media and even a hashtag on Twitter that was heavily criticized for being insensitive. "#MeMatoComoGabriela" or "I will kill myself like Gabriela did" became a trend in Mexico with many people mocking the fact that she was in a virtual relationship with a guy she didn't really know.

A suicide is a very serious issue and no matter the circumstances, it should never be taken as a joke. According to the WHO, 43.5 percent of suicides committed in 2011, were among the population between the ages of 15-29 years. An alarming total of 859 teenagers between 15 and 19 took their own lives that same year. It should never be taken lightly. If you suspect someone close to you might be suffering depression or has sudden changes in their personalities, speak up. Call your local authorities for a guide on how to help.