A one-year-old girl was mauled to death Thursday, by their family dog when she crawled too close to the pet’s food bowl.

The toddler, identified as A’myrical Hull, hailed from Springfield, Illinois. 

The family’s pet dog, a female pocket bully, bit the baby on the head when she crawled too close to the dog’s food bowl while it was eating.

She was rushed to the HSHS St. John's Hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

"I was in shock since 1:30 this morning. The fact that she didn't make it crushed my soul," family friend, Cory Painter said.

The baby had turned 1-year-old last week.

"A'myrical was a very happy baby. Smiles, giggles. She just had a birthday last week," Painter said. "She just had these big beautiful eyes and a smile that would light up the room," she recalled.

The dog which is a Pitbull and Patterdale terrier mix had never acted violently towards people or other animals before the incident.

"The dog [has] never snapped before," Painter said. "The dog was like her best friend," she added.

A'myrical's two teenage uncles had to force the dog off of her, ABC affiliated, News Channel 20 reported.

The dog is currently under the custody of Sangamon County Animal Control.

The dog will be tested for rabies, officials said. No further details were revealed at this time.

The family is heartbroken over the child’s loss, Painter said. They are now planning a funeral for their baby girl who left them too soon, she added.

"They're all taking it really hard," Painter said.

She assured that the family will get through this untimely loss together and cherish all the moments they had with their beloved brown-eyed girl.

The family is also planning a candlelight vigil for A'myrikal, Painter said.

According to Springfield police, this is an ongoing investigation and no criminal charges were filed at the moment.

Young boy and dog Representational image. YouTube/Ana Marta Vegas