Fans of Ariana Grande are clamoring for the American singer-songwriter’s clear bags following a recent plea to bring them to her concert instead of regular purses. The beefed-up security comes after Grande’s concert in Manchester became a target of a terrorist attack.

On Sunday, Grande announced on Instagram the “super strict” security measures that will be implemented in her upcoming “Thank U, Next” concert tour, which is set to kick off on March 18 in Albany, N.Y.

In a photo she posted on Feb. 24, she showed a sample of the clear plastic fanny pack that she and her production team are putting up for grabs, encouraging ticket holders to pick one up.

“We’re sending out emails soon encouraging you to order a clear bag to bring your things into the venues as security is going to be very precise and smooth but for sure super strict,” she wrote. “They’re super cheap and simple but having them ahead of time will for sure help things go as smooth as possible so if you see this in your emails please don’t ignore it!” she added.

As of Sunday night, Grande’s clear bags were not available yet for purchase, and it looks like avid fans already cannot wait to grab the merch. One fan tweeted, “I never thought clear bags were cute until Ariana Grande put one on.” Another also expressed how excited she was to be “safe in style” while wearing Grande’s clear bag at the upcoming concert.

Grande said in her post that fans who already have their own clear bags can bring their own. She also explained that all she wanted was to make sure all her fans knew about the policy ahead of time so everything can go as smoothly and as safely as possible during her concert.

While concert venues like Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center do not usually require the use of clear bags, arenas normally have a clear bag policy. Grande’s “Thank U, Next” concert will carry out this policy to ensure the safety of her fans, which means that concertgoers must strictly bring bags made of either clear plastic, vinyl or PVC.