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An Argentina farmer grew an enormous 124-acre image of Lionel Messi on a corn field to celebrate Argentina's World Cup victory.

The farmer, Maximiliano Spinazze, used an algorithm that calculated where seeds would need to be planted in his 124-acre field to get the image of Lionel Messi. He then used the algorithm and planted the seeds in his field in Los Condores, in the central Cordoba province of Argentina to celebrate Argentina's World Cup victory over France, Daily Mail reported.

The result was an enormous image of Messi's bearded visage that is visible from space.

'For me Messi is unbeatable,' said Spinazze.

'Now they are world champions, I am delighted this can be expressed by planting the crop.'

Argentina is the third largest global exporter of corn in the world.

Carlos Faricelli, a farming engineer, reportedly designed the coding for the machines sowing the seeds. The coding enabled the machines to plant the seeds in a precise pattern to create the image of Messi, with certain areas denser with seeds than others.

"I had the idea to make a code that goes in the seeders with Messi's face as a tribute," he said. He added that he then made the code available for any farmers 'who dared to plant it.'

According to Faricelli, using geocoding tools, the machinery knows how much seed per square meter it has to put in place to create the contrast for different parts of Messi's face, Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

"So when this corn grows and an aerial shot is taken, where the plants are closer together and the ground is less visible, a more intense green contrasts with where there are fewer plants, and then this kind of agriculture art is created," he added.

Meanwhile, one Messi fan who tattooed Messi's name on his face after Argentina's World Cup triumph later said he regretted what he did.

Colombian influencer Mike Jambs inked the word Messi on his forehead, three stars on one of his cheeks for each of the World Cups Argentina has won, and D10S on the other. He initially defended his decision against attacks from critics who branded him stupid. However, later, he admitted he wished he could now turn the clock back.

"I regret having done the tattoo because instead of bringing me positive things, it's led to lots of negative things, both personally and for my family," he added.

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