Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez
Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez are the first members of the "Fast 8" cast to arrive in Cuba. Getty Images

The Torettos are in Cuba! Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez have arrived in the Caribbean Island to start shooting scenes for the eighth installment of the “Fast & Furious” franchise, “Fast 8.”

“We are at a place that no one ever thought would be possible,” Diesel said in a video posted on his personal Instagram account. “We are in Havana, Cuba. You can see how beautiful it is, with all these beautiful people.”

He continued, “They didn’t think it could be done, and we are here. We are doing it and there’s a lot of love here, and we are just really proud to be here, man. This is paradise. We are in Cuba, where the Torettos started. It’s ‘Fast 8.’ It’s ‘Dom Toretto’ here, back in his home, home, homeland.”

Not many details about the upcoming film have been revealed, but Diesel just dropped a major plot line with his video. “It’s where the Torettos first started,” he disclosed. Even though the production has yet to announce if “Dom’s” background story will be the feature’s main focus, fans already have something new to look forward too.

Toretto’s better half, “Letty Ortiz” (Rodriguez), arrived in Cuba a few days earlier, which allowed her to rediscover the island, the people and the culture.

“Unconditional love can have the power to unite people instead of divide them,” she wrote next a photo of Fidel Castro visiting Washington, D.C. in 1959. “I love the Cuban people they remind me a lot of my Dominican and Puerto Rican family. The food, the music, the warmth of the culture, and its welcoming nature, the open hearted people, their curiosity, their appreciation for the life and living.”

Daily Mail reported that both actors showed excitement during their first day on set and took some time to greet the natives and thank them for their hospitality.

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