“Fast & Furious-Supercharged” opened its doors to the audience this week, and members of the cast were there to make sure the new Universal Studios Hollywood ride lived up to the action film series’ expectations. Michelle Rodriguez, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, and Tyrese Gibson attended the premiere of the attraction which included flashy sports cars speeding up around the theme park’s backlot and hip-hop dancers entertaining the audience.

The sequences featured in “Fast & Furious-Supercharged” were designed specifically for the attraction, which means fans will have the chance to experience something they haven’t seen before. The ride uses new technology, which looks similar to a hologram, to take tram riders on a 3D adventure with Diesel and the rest of the crew, joining them are “Agent Hobbs” (Dwayne Johnson) and our favorite badass Jason Statham.

“I know when we were making it it felt like we were creating something that I have never experienced,” Diesel said. “We employed all kinds of incredibly technology. It’s going to be a real unique experience.”

During the event, Diesel took some time to remember his co-star and friend Paul Walker, who passed away almost two years ago in a car accident, “We are excited to keep giving you the best that we can create with integrity… and this one goes for you Paul, this goes for you.”

The cast is also getting ready to start filming their new adventure “Furious 8,”which Michelle Rodriguez thinks will need a solid and powerful plot line to be able to carry the story without Walker. When she was asked if she knew any production details yet, she responded, “I have to see the script, maybe I’m in it, maybe I’m not, who knows!”