A Nigerian father has been accused of savagely killing his own 7-year-old son and burying the young victim's corpse in a shallow grave with the help of a blind pastor to mount an occult "money ritual" in Enugu, Nigeria on Oct. 20.

The accused, identified as Chidi Onyishi, 36, has been arrested for allegedly murdering his seven-year-old son, Chimdalu Chidi, aided by a blind pastor named Okeke Eneokwor, 95. After the killing, the two reportedly buried the boy's remains in a shallow grave near a river while performing a "money ritual" in Enugu, Nigeria, according to The Sun Nigeria.

On Oct. 22, Onyishi reported to the police that his seven-year-old son Chidi had gone missing. However, after law enforcement conducted a detailed investigation, it was discovered that Onyishi had killed his son himself and had buried the victim's lifeless body in a makeshift grave beside a stream in Abakpa Nike on Oct. 20, two days before reporting him missing to the authorities.

A further investigation revealed that Onyishi had committed the horrendous crime for a "money ritual" under the supervision of Eneokwor, a blind pastor.

Following this, Onyishi was arrested by the officers on Nov. 6 at Coal Camp, Enugu. Later, Onyishi confessed to the crime and led police operatives and a medical team to his son's body. The authorities exhumed the decomposing corpse near a stream in Abakpa-Nike, Enugu, and transported the remains to a public hospital for an autopsy, according to The Guardian Nigeria.

Onyishi reportedly told the officers that Eneokwar was an accomplice in the crime and led police operatives to arrest him.

Lawal Abubakar, the Commissioner of Police has ordered a “thorough and conclusive” investigation into the crime and has called on residents of the state to promptly report criminals and their activities to the nearest police station.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a man allegedly killed his 4-year-old daughter and threw her into a river as part of a ritual to cure an illness that a "godman," or spiritual healer, dreamt he was suffering from. The incident happened in Assam, India on Aug. 8.

The victim’s father, Anta Munda, 54, and the "godman," Bogadhar Munda, were reportedly close friends. The duo allegedly conspired to strangle the young girl to death and throw her body into the Singlo River to “cure” some unknown ailment that Bogadhar dreamt he was suffering from, Hindustan Times reported.

Following a missing person complaint by the victim's eldest sister, investigators responded to the scene and located the victim's body in a nearby river tributary. They also found the child’s clothes and some items associated with religious rituals from the river bank.

After conducting a preliminary investigation, the officers took Munda and Bogadhar into custody. During questioning, they allegedly confessed to their involvement in the murder. Bogadhar claimed that he dreamt that he had some illness and that it could be cured only with the sacrifice of a child. When he disclosed this to his friend Munda, he decided to help him by offering his own child for the sacrificial ritual.

Following their confession, the officers reportedly arrested Munda and Bogadhar on murder charges. The officers added that further investigation is underway and more people could be arrested.

A father reportedly killed his son with the help of a blind pastor to mount an occult "money ritual." This is a representational image. PIXABAY

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