Following testimony from their child and neighbors who attended the area after the incident, officials arrested a man for stabbing his estranged wife 17 times.

Esther Nyaga, a 34-year-old nurse at Muruka Dispensary in Kandara, Murang'a County, was murdered. The kid revealed to authorities the intricate details that would help solve the case.

Evans Njacha Kamau had been hit with court orders forbidding him from reaching the family home, according to The couple was in the process of having a divorce, and Evans Njacha Kamau had been slapped with court orders prohibiting him from accessing the family home.

According to family members, Esther reported her estranged husband's violent outbursts and assault episodes to the police. Still, they did not take the problem seriously.

Kamau and Esther were married in 2010, but they divorced in 2019. They are the parents of three children (a daughter aged 11 and sons aged 7 and 2).

Family members believe that a male suspect broke into the house and turned off the main power supply on the day of her terrible death. The househelp fled screaming after seeing someone in a balaclava with a knife and gun.

After hearing a noise, Esther hurried to the kitchen only to be ambushed by the intruder. The man directed her upstairs and told her to give him money.

They moved into the first bedroom, which belonged to one of the childre. The assailant then led her into the master bedroom, where he placed her in the bathtub and stabbed her.

The intruder returned downstairs, presumably in search of the househelp, and the children recognized his voice. Fortunately for her, the househelp had fled and taken refuge. The assailant bolted.

Esther dialed her children's numbers and instructed them to contact a neighbor to transport her to a local hospital. Esther informed them on the way that the accused attacker was her estranged husband.

The nurse had significant stomach injuries, according to the post-mortem investigation, and the perpetrator had also attempted to slit her throat.

The investigation into the murder is still underway, according to Juja Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer (DCIO) Richard Mwaura, who informed that the suspect will be brought back to court on Wednesday, August 18 for further guidance.

A man reportedly stabbed his girlfriend to death for refusing to have sex with him in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India on Saturday, March 19. This is a representational image. pixabay

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