If your dad likes whiskey, he will love one of these! Courtesy of Ketchum

Father’s Day coincides with the first day of summer this year, and what better way to enjoy the longest day of the year than sharing some whiskey on the rocks with your favorite man. If your dad is like my dad, then you are probably thinking about what to get him that he doesn’t already have. Nix the tablets, say no to ties and fishing gear and get him what he really wants this Father’s Day: a delicious whiskey!

No matter what your dad decides to do on his day, we have the perfect whiskey for him:

1) The Glenlivet (For the Dad Who Tells Incredible Stories)

For the dad who you can always count on to tell a great story—with a dram of The Glenlivet in hand of course. The Glenlivet was created at the beginning of the 19th century, during a period of heavy taxation and illegal distillation in Scotland. By 1950, The Glenlivet accounted for half of all the Scottish malt whisky sold in the US. The legacy of the single malt that started it all has continued ever since, so in every bottle of the Glenlivet, whatever the age, you can taste over 200 years of history.

Prices: 12 Year Old ($38.99), 15 Year Old ($57.99), 18 Year Old ($94.99), 21 Year Old ($139.99), XXV Year Old ($359.99), Nadurra Oloroso ($79.99)

2) Aberlour (For the Dad Who Loves Outdoor Adventures)

The dad who appreciates nature and enjoys the outdoors will appreciate a dram of Aberlour. Aberlour Single Malt Scotch whisky is named after the waters near where it’s made. Aberlour means ‘the mouth of the chattering burn’ in Gaelic, and they called it that because of the sounds the burn made as the water cascaded over waterfalls and splashed its way through wooded glens to meet the river Spey at Aberlour. It was meant literally, in that the Celtic druids believed that the stream really did talk. As worshippers of the mystical powers of nature, they believed that the spirits they heard in the burn spoke words of wisdom.

Prices: 12 Year Old ($51.99), 16 Year Old ($71.99), 18 Year Old ($104.99) and A’Bunadh Cask Strength ($81.99)

3) Yellow Spot (For the Dad with The Ultimate Whiskey Collection)

Recently making its long-awaited debut in the United States, Yellow Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the dad looking for one of the latest and greatest whiskeys available in the US to add to his portfolio. The complex flavors and rare, sophisticated profile give it the quintessential style of Irish whiskey and is a great way to show your dad how much he means to you. Each batch of Yellow Spot is made from a mash of malted and unmalted barley, which is then triple distilled in traditional copper stills and matured in a combination of American bourbon, Spanish sherry and Spanish Malaga casks. Every taste of Yellow Spot possesses honey sweetness with pot still spices, as well as hints of fresh coffee, creamy milk chocolate and crème brulée ensuring this gift will satisfy even the pickiest of whiskey aficionados.

Price: Yellow Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey ($99.99)

4) Chivas Regal Extra (For the Dad Who Always Goes the Extra Mile)

Chivas Regal Extra is the latest blend from the world’s first luxury whisky to hit the U.S. market in 8 years, and is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the dad who aspires to be the best. What better way to show dads who relentlessly strive for excellence how much they are appreciated, than by gifting them with one of the richest, most generous tasting blends within the whisky category. Chivas Regal Extra takes its inspiration from founding brothers James and John Chivas, who were extremely hard workers in their own right, pioneering the art of blending whiskies in the 19th century. Sure to satisfy novices and whisky aficionados alike, Chivas Regal Extra is made up of a special selection of whiskies matured in Oloroso sherry casks together with the rarest and finest Chivas malts, resulting in a discerning interpretation of the Chivas signature style.

Price: Chivas Regal Extra ($44.99)

5) Jameson (For the Dad with a Massive Record Collection)

A dad that enjoys listening to the classic hits will appreciate a dram of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Great songs are created by the details that go into them. Just like your dad’s favorite record, Jameson is the perfectly balanced fusion of ingredients – malted barley, unmalted barley and pure, natural spring water. As one of the most popular Irish whiskeys in the world, Jameson carries on as the age-old classic that can be enjoyed by generations. Today, master distillers continue the tradition of triple distilling to ensure every sip is as smooth and perfect as the day John Jameson released his first cask.

Price: Jameson Irish Whiskey ($25.00)

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