SANTA CLARA, California – Minutes after FC Barcelona's shocking 3-1 loss to Manchester United on Saturday at Levi's Stadium, Barca manager Luis Enrique was on the warpath again bemoaning about how he hates the fact his club has to travel to the United States for a preseason "tour."

The brainchild of a FC Barcelona marketing genius allowing the best current club in the world to travel to the United States to both support and extend their fan base has sent the reigning Champions of Europe on a multi-city U.S. Tour.

Enrique understands the importance of the tour as well as the exposure, but sees the whole event as a hassle and a waste of time.

"I honestly I prefer not to go on tours," Enrique said shortly after landing in Los Angeles last week. "It's nice to come, but there are aspects that are uncomfortable, for example the jet lag."

Enrique proved as much when he allowed his two star players Lionel Messi and Neymar to skip the tour after participating in the Copa America tournament in June.

Enrique believes that since Barcelona are the reigning champions of Europe that the current International Champions Cup tournament could take place there, sending the MLS teams overseas to play the top European clubs.

 "As a coach, I would prefer a preseason at home," Enrique added. "Obviously Barcelona is a top club in the world, so it's normal that we would do this type of tour."

Enrique's words led many to believe that the second year coach of Barcelona who won the team's second treble in club history in just his first season in charge dislikes the United States.

"I didn't say I did not like the United States," Enrique continued. "It's a great country, I do like coming here. It's nothing against the United States or anything personal like that."

The United States tour for many top European club teams is important not just for marketing purposes, but for the growth of the sport of soccer in the United States and the MLS. When teams like the LA Galaxy, San Jose Earthquakes and New York Red Bulls square off against the top teams in the world like FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain, it offers fans an opportunity to not only see their favorite teams in Europe, but to watch them play their homegrown teams as well.

Enrique will have to come to terms with the fact that U.S. tours in the preseason are an important part of life as the coach of one of the top clubs in the world. Repeated statements of resentment and dislike for the tour format only bodes bitterness and discouragement.

Enrique needs to embrace the opportunity to showcase his team, his players and his club to the United States, one of the largest market of consumers in the world. It will pay dividends down the road, and the fact that this tour takes place during their preseason and in the middle of many MLS teams regular season, is to the European teams advantage. We suggest Enrique drink the U.S. Kool-Aid and get on board.