The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued another recall for certain thyroid medications over concerns that the drug may be too weak to make a difference among patients who are supposed to take them.

The announcement follows a similar recall a few weeks ago of certain thyroid medications, however, it was done for opposite reasons. Previously, certain thyroid medications were recalled for being “too potent” and resulting in hyperthyroidism and complications associated with it in certain patients.

The recent thyroid drug recall has come from Acella Pharmaceuticals, which is announced the recall of two lots of its NP Thyroid 15 and NP Thyroid 120 tablets over reason that it could be “sub-potent.” This means that the medications may not have the same levels of thyroid hormones as what has been specified on the labels and that’s why the patients may not benefit from it.

This is dangerous for hypothyroid patients who may suffer from complications and certain symptoms such as depression, hair loss, dry skin, fatigue, puffy face and swelling of the thyroid.

The company’s recall was highlighted by the FDA and it highlighted how Acella Pharmaceutical received reports of adverse events in four people and was linked to the drugs that have now been recalled.

Consumers of these two medicines from the same brand of thyroid medication can find the other identification details related to the batches on FDA’s website.

The two medicines that have been recalled come in 15mg and 120mg strengths and contain both the T3 and T4 hormones. These are specifically prescribed to patients who cannot be treated with or do not respond to synthetic T4 hormone.

The 15mg strength has an expiration date of October 2020 and the 120-mg strength has a recall date of November 2020 on their respective labels. They were sold in 100-tablet bottles.

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