A 54-year-old federal prison warden in California allegedly sexually abused an inmate for which he has been charged.

Complaint against Ray J. Garcia, who hails from Merced, California, was filed on Sept. 24. and unsealed Wednesday.

According to a statement from the US attorney's office, he allegedly asked two female inmates to strip naked for him, groped one of the inmates, and took and saved pictures of a naked inmate in a cell at the Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) Dublin, California, reported ABC News.

He is also accused of trying to stop a victim from reporting the sexual abuse by telling her “that he was ‘close friends' with the individual responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct by inmates and that he could not be fired."

In July, he was placed on administrative leave in connection with the case, and his next federal court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 12.

Prosecutors said that the accused was an associate warden at the all-female prison when the alleged abuse took place, and later became a warden.

According to the US attorney's office, Garcia was trained regarding inappropriate relationships with inmates, and knew that financial or sexual involvement with them was not allowed. In addition, he trained new supervisors on policies and procedures of the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act that requires correctional facilities to enforce a zero-tolerance policy toward sexual assault of inmates.

In the past also there have been cases of serious misconduct within the federal Bureau of Prisons. In the last two years, the agency has faced many issues like struggling with a failed response to the pandemic, several deaths and escapes, and low number of staff members that have affected responses to emergencies.

There have been sexual abuse cases involving employees at FCI Dublin in the past too. Earlier this year, Ross Klinger, a former FCI Dublin correctional officer, was arrested as he allegedly abused his power and forced two inmates to engage in sexual acts. According to prosecutors, the 36-year-old told the inmates that he wanted to exchange wedding vows with them and have kids with them. He apparently showered them with gifts and money as well.

Two years ago, an inmate alleged that a guard of the prison sexually abused her and his colleagues helped to cover up the assault, but the allegations were denied by the prison.

FCI Dublin, which was inaugurated in 1974, was turned to a facility only for women in 2012.

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