Crime has grown to become a constant problem within New York City as innocent lives are being taken. While the crime rate in the city has slowed down a bit, when it strikes the horrific details are enough to shake up the community. It is being reported that a former Bronx high school teacher and her son are the newest casualties to murder.

According to People, former student Issac Duran has been charged with two counts of murder for killing former DeWitt Clinton High School teacher Felicia Barahona and their 4-year-old young son.

The site reports that their young son was born from their affair that made headlines in 2013. The 36-year-old mother and Afghanistan War veteran was found dead Monday morning in the living room of her Manhattan apartment, according to the police source, who confirms that she was strangled with an electrical cord and Miguel was drowned in the bathtub. The boy was found face-down, floating in the filled tub, the source says.

Their bodies were first discovered by the apartment building’s superintendent, who checked on Barahona after noticing a foul odor that seemed to be coming from her unit.

NYPD sources reveal that Duran initially denied having any involvement in the deaths and told detectives he hadn’t been to Barahona’s apartment building since 2012, when their son was born. However, police discovered that Duran was spotted on surveillance video entering and leaving the building over several days.

Barahona’s relationship with Duran first made headlines in March 2013, after an internal investigative report was obtained by multiple local news outlets. Barahona began having sex with Duran after he turned 18, though they later split in early 2012 before Miguel was born. Barahona was fired from Dewitt Clinton High in August 2012.

At this time its unclear from court records if he had been before a judge yet, entered a plea to his charges or whether a bail amount had been set for him.

Our deepest condolences go out to the family of Felicia Barahona.