Female Israeli Soldiers Disciplined For ‘Unbecoming Behavior’ After Posting Racy Pictures To Facebook [PHOTOS]

Israeli female soldiers on the militray base.
Israeli female soldiers exposing their back sides for the camera. Facebook

Female Israeli soldiers were disciplined by the Israeli military on Sunday after a group of female soldiers posed for photos in underwear and combat gear and posted the images on Facebook.

Walla, an Israeli news site, reported the story stating that the women seen in the racy photos were new recruits stationed on a base located in southern Israel. One picture was taken outside and included 4 female soldiers, two are seen in uniform however there pants are pulled down exposing thongs and their bare backsides, another female soldier is more scantily clad in only a bra and underwear. The fourth solider is fully clothed.

Another picture posted to Facebook, shows five young women posed in what seems to be barracks, they are displayed in the raunchy photo with their hands on their hips, sporting only helmets and vests with little else on.

While still shocking, these racy pictures are only the latest in a string of events where young Israeli soldiers have misused social media. Several times in recent years, the Israeli military has disciplined soldiers for inappropriate behavior that was later documented and shared on Facebook.

In a statement released the Israeli military stated, that the females displayed "unbecoming behavior" for Israeli soldiers. "The commanding officers disciplined the soldiers as they saw fitting," it said.

However, the statement did not identify the soldiers or give any details about the punishments.The Israel military officials also revealed a new initiative to control inappropriate social media use. Military officials said the base conducted educational lectures to keep soldiers from repeating the offense.

This is not the first time the Israeli military has disciplined soldiers for social media use. Two shocking social media fueled incidents actually lead the military to ban soldiers from using social media while stationed on military bases. The ban was an attempt to prevent future scandalous social media behavior, however The Associated Press noted the ban may not exist anymore.

The two incidents that led to the ban was in when in 2010 a video surfaced showing a uniformed male Israeli soldier dancing inappropriately around a blindfolded Palestinian woman. Then again, just a few months after the shocking video, a photo of a female solider was posted, showing her posing in front of Palestinian prisoners.

Early this year, another soldier was reprimanded for writing anti-Palestinian tweets and posting pictures to multiple social media services showing himself naked with a gun.

Some are wondering why the continued misuse of social media sites continues, it may be due to the young age at which soldiers enter into the military. Most Jewish Israeli men and women are required to serve in the military, starting at age 18. One blogger on Israeli daily site Haaretz wrote that since Israeli teens are expected to enter the military at a young age, it's not uncommon for this sort of behavior on social media.


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