Fernanda Montenegro
Legendary Brazilian actress Fernanda Montenegro shocked audiences during the premiere of "Babilônia" where she passionately kisses co-star Nathália Timberg. Getty

Fernanda Montenegro and Nathália Timberg conquered Twitter on March 16th when their kiss aired in new Brazilian telenovela “Babilônia,” on Globo. #BabiloniaEstreia (BabilôniaDebut) topped the Trending Topics list on Twitter fueled by comments on the kiss. It garnered tweets from top Brazilian entertainers and politicians, sparking controversy over public acceptance of homosexuality. Montenegro, 85, is best known for her role in “Central Station” (1998), for which she was nominated for an Oscar. She is the only Brazilian to be nominated for Best Actress.

Brazil legalized gay marriage in 2013, but homosexuals face rampant discrimination, including egregious rates of assault and murder. Many LGBT Brazilians have sought asylum in the United States. Activists have called for hate crime legislation. Homofobia Não, a gay rights social media service, celebrated the kiss on their Facebook page.

Now for the tweets:

"Easter Sunday,Hallelujah Saturday" (photo is of Montenegro playing the Virgin Mary in "O Auto da Compadecida")

"Old ladies watching the gay kiss."

"When Brazil score a goal, Twitter be like:"

"Me watching the lesbian kiss in ep. 1"

"Scene of gay kiss on debut of Babilônia cheers artists and internet users"


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