The death of former Cuban president Fidel Castro took many people across the world by surprise. While the father of the Cuban revolution was 90-years-old, the news was received with some people devastated and other celebrating his death. In a three part funeral procession, the former Cuban leader's ashes are being carried for people to mourn around the country.

According to FOX News Latino,  the remains of Fidel Castro arrived in the city of Camaguey, only a few hundred miles from Havana, marking the second stop of the funeral procession carrying the ashes of the former Cuban president to his final dwelling in the city of Santiago de Cuba.

The site reports that on Friday, the caravan began the third day of its trip to the east of Cuba. In the early morning the procession started towards Bayamo, where Castro's ashes will also stay another night before entering Santiago de Cuba on Saturday.

After completing its trip from Havana to the eastern city, the opposite way to the journey made from Jan. 2 to 8, 1959, by the so-called "Freedom Caravan" after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, the former leader will be buried in Santa Ifigenia Cemetery.

Men, woman and children are reportedly transported in trucks and buses at the beginning of each day and many of them stay up to 12 hours by the curb of the road to see the procession of Castro's ashes passing for a few seconds. 

"I am from the 80s generation and he was the father of us. We owe it all to him," said Yail Caperna, who woke up at 3.30 am in order to join the event.

Cuba and the U.S. have always had a strain relationship and now with the death of Castro, many people believe that the two countries may be able to move forward and work together in the future.