Fidel Castro has met with Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. The former Cuban revolutionary and the Venezuelan leader were photographed examining a map apparently used by Grand Marshall Sucre in the Battle of Ayacucho in Venezuela. The photograph was published on Maduro's Twitter account and also published in the national paper, Juventud Rebelde. The meeting took place on Saturday to commemorate Castro's first meeting with former president Hugo Chavez

Fidel Castro and Nicolas Maduro apparently had an "extended" meeting. According to Juventud, "Fidel and Maduro evoked the figure and ideals of the leader of the Bolivian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, who bound them in a firm firendship. Indeed, as well as making numerous visits to Cuba, Chavez received the majority of his cancer treatments in Havana. His final visit came in March of this year before he returned to Caracas where he passed away. 

Juventud Rebelde also noted that the two leaders "exchanged their points of view over the the process of integration of Nuestra America, included in the recent Cumbre de ALBA-Petrocaribe and the next CELAC, as well as their respective opinions on the current international situation."