The awaited comeback of Fifth Harmony as Fourth Harmony after Camila Cabello’s departure is getting closer. The group just posted their first photo as a foursome and they look really amazing. But the great news are that Billboard reports that Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui, and Normani Kordei have resigned with their record label, and aim to put out a third album this year.

As they prepare for new music and performances without Camila, many people predict the group won’t last more than one album and that they won’t actually survive longer as we have seen in another cases.

We have to admit that Camila has a great voice and she really knows how to perform on stage, but do you think the foursome will survive as a group and keep hitting the charts? Look at the reasons why we think we’re going to have the beautiful group for way longer.

1. They Look Really Good As Foursome

When we saw their first picture as only four, we were really amazed. They look fresh, even prettier than before and they make a really good match.

2. Epic Records Will Keep 'Cuatro'

A label source says Epic Records chairman L.A. Reid "Doesn't 'let go' of successful artists -- ever. He even has a hard time parting with the unsuccessful ones."

3. Camila’s Intimatidation Is Over 

Now that Camila  is not in the group, she won’t be the center of attention anymore. This being said, it’s time for the other girls to show their talent and finally shine for their own voices.

4. They’re Planning Image Quartet Re-Ups

A Latin Times sources close to the group told us that they’re really working on the girls’ image. Dinah, Ally and even Lauren are working hard to be fit and ready for the next album. They also have planned to change their looks and probably we’ll see them looking more mature for upcoming projects.

5. They’re Working On Their Solos To Raise The Group

LA songwriter Phil Bentley posted a photo on Instagram alongside Ally in the recording studio and captioned it, "First session of 2017 with the amazing @allybrookeofficial of #fifthharmony!" With that photo we knew Ally’s new solo song is a work in progress and we are so happy for that.

6. Strong Collaborations For Upcoming Album

Our source also confirmed to us that the group has been working on new music even before Camila left, but now they continue to prepare their album on their own and it’ll be a huge production with various collaborations.

7. Normani Will Lead The Group

Since now we don’t have a face for the group, people speculate Normani will be the one to represent the girls as she is one of the most talented. We’re sure she will be the next Beyoncé in some years, but for now, give it up for your girls Nor!

8. Check Out Lauren and Normani Killing It On NYE performance

Their last televised performance as a five-member group was all about Normani and Lauren. Check out the video and tell us your impression on the girls killing it on New Year's Eve.

9. "Purse So Heavy Getting Oprah Dollars…"

Like they say on ther hit "BO$$," they really got the money and big producers, so their next album will definitely be dope. After selling 7 million U.S. digital downloads and nearly half-a-million albums (according to Nielsen Music),  we’re sure they can really win this battle.

10. They Can Really Sing

Differently than other girl groups, all 5H members can really sing, check out these performances.

11. LGBT Community Backs Them Up

Because of their past albums, the girls have won the LGBT community.