There has been a lot of drama surrounding the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie and we are still far away from the highly anticipated release date. Despite some casting hiccups and recent locations changes, fans will be assured to see that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Doran filming “50 Shades of Grey” on set in Vancouver! The pair, who portray naïve college student Anastasia Steele and brilliant billionaire Christian Grey, was recently filmed by a fan while filming scenes on set in Vancouver. The new video provides loyal fans of E.L. James novel nearly two minutes of behind the scenes footage of the two actors.

At the 17-second mark the on-screen couple films a tender goodbye scene, with the powerful Mr. Grey pulling Anstatia back into his arms, she then plants a sweet kiss on his cheek before climbing into her vintage Volkswagen Beetle. Fans will be delighted to see that the film is not deviating from the book in tiny details, Ana’s car is part of her personality in the story, she even affectionately nicknamed her reliable wheels “Wanda.”

The behind the scenes video shows another take of the scene, where Christian and Ana can be clearly seen leaving the “Grey House” where the pair first meet when she interviewed the business tycoon in place of her sick roommate Kate. The pair seem to be in a bit of an argument, after that take, fans will be able to get their first up close look of Jamie Doran as Christian Grey in the film. As Anastasia drives away from him, leaving him standing alone in front of the “Grey House” Doran gives the camera and his on-screen love his best Grey stare and from what we can see he certainly looks good doing it!

In addition to the filming in Vancouver, recent production has since moved to Miami due to the chill in the air in the Canadian city. After the location change rumors began to swirl that E.L. James’ famous trilogy would be condensed into one film. The seemingly tropical location change led fans to believe that the production crew was beginning to film Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele's honeymoon scenes, which do not occur until the third novel, “Fifty Shades of Freed.” But author E.L. James cleared up any misunderstandings tweeting, "three books. Three films. :)," to a fan asking if the upcoming movie would be based on all three books. After James cleared up fans concerns, the production company responsible for the film echoed her sentiments stating, "The downtown Miami skyline looks a lot like downtown Vancouver."