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Disney Plus amassed an impressive 10 million subscribers at its launch. While the streaming giant hopes to achieve 60-90 million subscribers globally; there are indeed a few glaring glitches that Disney needs to fix immediately.

Aside from some of the most prominent complaints such as running out of original content, restricted releases, not so global launches and the like; here are five other issues that Disney+ needs to sort out as soon as possible:

1. The need for better organization

This is indeed a huge dampener if one looks at Disney Plus' streaming screen at present. If you go to the movie section, and you haven’t listed from A-Z, you’ll see Avengers Endgame and Avengers Infinity War at the top. Where are the rest of the movies? Well, they are stored in as Marvel studios, not Avengers.

What’s weird is Captain America and Guardians of The Galaxy are stored in C and G, respectively. The movie series isn’t in order, and are in no way placed next to each other. This is highly inconvenient and poorly organized, to say the least.

2. Get rid of placeholders with titles that aren’t coming in the near future

A scroll through the movie section will reveal another glitch. Take a look at all the titles from A to Z. Clicking on a movie, say, “1987 Adventures in Babysitting” brings you to a placeholder that says “coming soon to Disney Plus. Due to existing agreements, this will be available on June 1, 2021.”

Yes. 2021. Meanwhile, you can add it to the watchlist. What’s more, movies like “Mary Poppins Returns”, “D2 The Mighty Ducks”, “Ant-Man and the Wasp” won’t see the light of day on Disney Plus until a year and a half. This is extremely disappointing in terms of the wait.

3. Simpsons fix

The first 19 seasons of Simpsons series the show’s aspect ratio was 4/3. After that, it went to a 16/9 format with HD. The entire Simpsons catalog went online in 2014 with FX now in a feature called Simpsons world. It featured a cropped 69 version of the first 19 seasons. So, the image was zoomed in and some jokes were not visible. FX fixed it in 2015 as it irked viewers.

In 2019, Simpsons found a new streaming home in Disney+. Looks like Disney has repeated the mistake. We get 69 cropped versions of the with no option to change it. Now Disney has said it will offer the original 4/3 version in early 2020. Yet, there has been no clear timeline to fix this bug.

Additionally, there are a bunch of features that Disney+ doesn’t have compared to Simpson’s world. The FX app had the option to watch a stream of episodes— it was relatively easier to watch episodes one after the other. Disney+, on the other hand, is simply a catalog by season – this is illogical for a show with more than 600 episodes.

4. Fox fix is the need of the hour

Some Fox features are mixing, and it feels weird especially because Disney now has the rights to some amazing movies – "Alien", "Die Hard" and some of the X-Men movies. Are they on Disney+? Nope. It's important that the streaming giant steps up its game before another rival streaming giant does.

5. Stronger originals to match Mandalorian

Last but not the least, of all the originals on Disney+, Mandalorian stands out. It’s the most adored of all originals. If you want to watch something in a similar vein of Disney+, what are the options? Under suggestions, you get Star Wars films, a documentary on the Stars Wars trilogy. Well, given that most people who watch Mandalorian must've seen Star War movies before, there's a bit of work that needs to be done on this front as well.

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