A 7-11 store in Los Angeles was the victim of a despicable act of ransacking, carried out by a flash mob, all of it caught on video.

The video clip was released by the Los Angeles police, showing dozens of people making off with cigarettes, snacks and other goods they could get their hands on. The unruly scene even saw the individuals hardly caring if their faces were caught on camera or not.

The scenario was pretty bad. Some could be seen going behind the counter as the employees vacated it amidst the chaos. Some could be seen handing off the items to a pack of people outside the premises.

Aside from stealing packs of cigarettes, drinks, snacks and lottery tickets, the mob also vandalized the store. Worse, the perpetrators threw items at store employees during the rowdy scene according to authorities.

The incident took place during a street takeover which saw drivers flood and block a city intersection using their vehicles from all directions, resulting in them creating a pit in the middle.

People at the scene got out of their cars, watching as drivers did doughnuts according to police.

“The term ‘flash mob’ was first used to describe a large public gathering at which people perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then disperse, typically organized by means of the internet or social media,” the LAPD said in a statement.

“In the latest cases, however, ‘flash mobs’ have turned from fun spontaneous events to opportunistic criminal occurrences,” they added.

The police are now seeking the help of the public to help in the apprehension of the members of the flash mob.

This comes not long after LA County District Attorney George Gascon and his office have come under fire for prosecutorial laxity that some blame for a spike in the city’s crime rate.

Flash mob in Los Angeles
Flash mob in Los Angeles screen grab via Los Angeles YouTube

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