“The Flash” is set for a ninth season although there is no telling if it will be the last. It was renewed for another run in March but questions beyond that are categorically unknown.

Such has placed pressure on the people behind the scenes, particularly showrunner Eric Wallace. In an unusual kind of admission, he says that he writes the show and treats each with the prospect of it being canceled, TV Line reported.

"I don't know how much time I have," he said. "I have to always write as if it's the final season but hope it's not. I've been in that position for two years -- going back to the end of Season 7, when we had [Barry Allen and Iris West] renew their vows -- and I'm in the same position now. So let's just call it 'a friendly challenge' for myself and the writers."

Uncertainty hovers on whether “The Flash” will go beyond the ninth season. There are claims that the upcoming installment will be the last, possibly with a shorter final season.

When asked about it, Wallace was also clueless about the fate of “The Flash.”

"I wish I could answer it; I wish I knew. I hope I will know by the time we start shooting in the fall. I think that's a fair statement. [Laughs] So, stay tuned," he said.

Alternatively, Wallace encouraged fans to lobby for spinoff shows. It made sense considering there were a lot of characters introduced over the past few seasons.

While there are options, the focus right now is if The CW will go beyond the ninth season. The latest offering will premiere in 2023 on The CW but most will be eager to know if this would be the last hurrah of the Scarlet Speedster.

Either way, Wallace is ready for anything. And assuming that it goes beyond the ninth season, “The Flash” showrunner treats it as a challenge as far as trying to flip the script.

Eric Wallace
Eric Wallace Getty Images | Amy Sussman

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