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Late-night businesses in Doral will have to close earlier Aleksandr Popov/Unsplash.

The Doral City Council has approved an ordinance implementing earlier closing times and more security for late-night businesses such as bars and clubs.

The measure determines that such establishments can't have last calls after 1:30 a.m. and must close half an hour later. They can apply for an extended hour permit.

As for security, those with extended hours will have to implement security features like security cameras, metal detectors and hiring off-duty police officers.

The request comes about a month after two people were killed and seven injured in a fight at Martini Bar, located in CityPlace Doral at about 3:30 am. The place has received lawsuits by two of the people injured in the shooting, who accused the place of negligence.

When proposing the measure, Doral Mayor Christi Fraga said that the current laws are "very ambiguous" as they "eliminated operational hours and only set times for selling and consuming" alcohol. The new measure is set to go into effect on September 30.

"Basically, one can buy a bottle at 2 am, which is the last time allowed, and stay until 5 or 6am drinking," she said back then. "They left us with this problem, which makes it very hard for the city to enforce the laws and ensure establishments close," she added.

"If someone wants to party until 4 or 6am, there are many places in Miami-Dade where that can be done. I don't think Doral is the right place for that. Residents requested these changes."

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