Miami Beach
Image of Miami Beach at night AFP

Miami is the worst city in the United States to get a good night's sleep, according to a new ranking analyzed by the Florida Daily, a leading fungi retailer.

The study analyzed average noise levels for the country's main cities using data by ArcGIS and people's exposure to them. It then ranked them from highest average decibel rating to lowest, with the Florida city leading the pack. Boston and New York City completed the top three.

Miami had a mean decibel level average of 52.31, with traffic, construction and nightlife potentially contributing to the high levels of noise. According to the report, Boston's large student population is a large factor leading to noise levels.

New York City, Chicago and Louisville/Jefferson County in Kentucky are the other cities in the top five, with the latter having a mean of almost 48 decibels. Denver, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Long Beach and Oakland are the rest of the cities in the top 10.

In contrast, another Florida city, Jacksonville, was among the quietest ones in the country. It ranked fourth from bottom to top, with its coastal location, relaxed atmosphere and less nightlife being key factors to reach a mean decibel level of less than 39.

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