According to an arrest affidavit, Lukas Alves from Florida told police that he shot at them as he thought they were members of a Mexican drug cartel.

He is now facing many charges, including attempted first-degree premeditated murder of a law enforcement officer. FOX 35 Orlando reported that he was slapped with charges after he allegedly shot an officer in the chest at a Melbourne hotel Friday. After the shooting, he was questioned by cops. At the time, Alves said that he believed the officers were members of the Mexican Cartel who turned up right outside his room to steal his items.

The arrest affidavit stated that Alves and his roommate were in the Suburban Lodge Extended Stay when hotel management was informed about a 911 hang-up call, reported Fox News. Management knocked on his room's door and they overheard the man shout, "There are a bunch of armed gunmen, and I'm going to die." Police were alerted about the verbal exchange and they said that they reached the hotel to check the roommates' well-being.

When cops knocked on Alves' room door, he asked for their badge numbers multiple number of times. Police said that they complied and gave them to him, but Alves began to count down from three then fired one shot through the door with his gun. It struck an officer in the chest. Then an exchange of gunfire took place between Alves and the officers. At the time of the shooting, some of Alves' rounds reportedly went through the walls of another room. Two people were staying in that room.

Police said that Alves and his roommate were then taken into custody. The officer shot was wearing a bulletproof vest. He just suffered a small laceration on his chin and bruising.

Wesh 2 reported that the officer was identified as K-9 Officer Gregory Hughes, and according to the Melbourne Police Department, he has been released from the hospital. Melbourne Police Chief David Gillespie said that the "vest did its job." He shared that Friday also marked the officer's 26th anniversary with the agency, and thanked God "he's going to live to see another day."

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