As members of the pro-Putin press and media complain about their isolation from the West, Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen on Monday with shaky legs during an event, prompting many to continue the speculation regarding his health.

During a visit at the National Environmental Youth Forum on Monday, Putin was seen fidgeting and shifting in his seat uncomfortably as he addressed the students in the room. Despite reassurances from CIA Director William Burns and MI6 chief Richard Moore about Putin’s health, many have speculated that the Russian leader was ill of health, according to the New York Post.

“There’s no evidence that Putin is suffering from ill health,” Moore once said.

He addressed the students, speaking about morbid topics to the children regarding potentially sacrificing their life for the causes that they hold dear.

“There is an expression, and whoever told me about it, I promised I would reproduce it out loud in public sometime,” he said. “You have to live for something to die for — as strange as it may seem in your humanitarian field, this is something worth living for.”

Despite this belief, many of the propagandists and pro-Putin media in Russia appear to be buckling from the pressure of Western sanctions as many of them complain about being unable to live more lavish lifestyles as the pressure of the sanctions set in, the Daily Beast reported.

“I am disappointed. The West has deceived us. After the collapse of the USSR, it seemed to us that we were about to become part of Europe, a grandiose free world from Lisbon to Vladivostok, where we would use credit cards in expensive stores in Paris,” filmmaker Egor Konchalovsky said.

“We’ve tasted all of it. We’ve seen it all. They haven’t even figured out that we were overwhelmed when we realized that it’s better here!” host Vladimir Solovyov said.

Konchalovsky, however, appeared to double down on the necessity of the Russia-Ukraine war, as he expressed the perceived moral superiority that Russia had against the West.

“This is a clash of civilizations, in which Russia stands on the side of light, and the West embarked on the path of Satanism. And we are now fighting against values ​​that are simply opposite of what we stand for, against absolute evil.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to dodge ill health rumors on Monday as footage of him fidgeting and having shaky legs while addressing students goes viral online. GAVRIIL GRIGOROV/Getty Images.

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