Diana Isakova, daughter of Eduard Isakov, a pro-Vladimir Putin senator in Russia, has fled abroad as she fears persecution and jail. She fled after he branded her a "traitor" for opposing the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The 25-year-old posted flyers against the war which led to her arrest and interrogation by the Federal Security Service (FSB) secret service, reported Daily Mail. Her 48-year-old dad reacted with fury, having previously warned her not to criticize Putin or the authorities on social media.

The yoga teacher told Meduza that the father-daughter had a conversation, and all of "my fears came true." She said that her dad told her that she "was a traitor to our family, an enemy of the people, and a criminal." She shared that when the war started in February, she saw the anguish of Ukrainians who she followed on Instagram.

She noted that those girls' stories were full of bombs and sobbing, and she felt their suffering as if it were her own. Isakova even staged a "brave" protest in Sochi which led to her arrest. She claimed that Putin embodies "cruelty, arrogance, and impunity." She said that Putin and her father should face justice for the war.

She argued that Russia's political illiberalism is a consequence of authoritarianism in the family with the nation's despots being products of childhood humiliation. She said that inside of every cruel person, there's an "unhappy child who's afraid to admit his weakness, his vulnerability, and his needs." She stressed that at some point in that person's childhood, "someone was cruel to him and it was painful."

She felt that Putin should be held accountable for the war, but that doesn't mean "we just shoot him." She said that by seeking revenge, "we're effectively going down the same hateful path," and she warned of "fanatical patriotism" in Russia and "weak-willed submission" of people to the authorities.

TDPel Media reported that she has now sought refuge in Georgia. Isakova said that she is afraid of persecution and is to be jailed.

As for her father, who is a former powerlifting professional and is now a lawmaker in Russia’s Federation Council, continues to criticize her for opposing Putin and his war in Ukraine.

Her dad said of her that she is taking a stand against the "execution of the special military operation, against her own country's policy." He noted that evidently, his daughter received money from certain media outlets, and in other words, "she sold out her father, her family, her Motherland, and left Russia." He noted that it's difficult to find words for when "your daughter turns out to be a traitor."

Vladimir Putin
In this photograph taken on August 15, 2022 Russia's President Vladimir Putin addresses attendees of the Tavrida.ART festival via a video link at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence, outside Moscow. Photo by Pavel Byrkin/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images

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