A former European footballer reportedly died in a freak accident while trying to perform a daring cliff stunt in front of his horrified wife and two kids in Mallorca, Spain on Thursday, May 12.

Mourad Lamrabatte, a 31-year-old athlete who played for SBV Vitesse, one of the oldest professional football clubs in the highest Dutch football league, reportedly attempted to leap feet first from a high cliff in Majoraca when things took a tragic turn.

Lamrabatte failed to clear the rocks beneath him while making a 100-foot plunge opposite the Majorcan holiday resort of Santa Ponsa near Magaluf and fell to his death. The pro footballer was reported to be performing a caper called tombstoning, which is a stunt where thrill-seekers hurl themselves off cliff edges and hit the water feet first, New York Post reported.

The deadly leap was unfortunately filmed by his heartbroken widow while she was on a boat they had hired that morning with her two children.

As he jumped from the cliff, Lamrabatte reportedly belted out a massive scream screaming: “Oh my God.”

Police officers have yet to question Lamrabatte's wife about the tragedy because remains in a state of shock after witnessing the accident.

Lamrabatte's body was later recovered after divers performed a search with a boat and a helicopter. His autopsy report revealed that Lamrabatte drowned in a state of semi-consciousness rather than dying from impact injuries, NL Times reported.

Meanwhile, the footballer's former team, SBV Vitesse, offered condolences after hearing about the tragedy.

“Vitesse wishes Mourad’s family and friends a lot of strength in coping with their great loss,” said a team spokesman.

“Vitesse has received the sad news that Mourad Lamrabatte has tragically died," the club continued in a statement. “The former Jong Vitesse striker had just turned 31. He wore the club colors during the 2010/2011 season when he was part of the U23 team which won the U23 cup that season. In July 2010 he scored in a first-team exhibition game.”

“Vitesse wishes Mourad’s family and friends a lot of strength in coping with their great loss, ” a club spokesperson added.

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An 18-year-old climber reportedly slipped and fell to his death while he was climbing a cliff near Everett Dam, Weare, New Hampshire on Sunday, Oct. 9. This is a representational image. Photo by Drew Darby on Unsplash

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