Former Beauty Queen Kills Husband After Rough Sex

Miss Bulgaria
Anita Meyzer accidentally killed her husband after a bondage session Facebook

A former beauty queen from Bulgaria is being accused of accidentally killing her husband after a rough sex session.

Anita Meyzer and Nikolai Dimoy were having a moment that seemed right out of “Fifty Shades Of Grey” and practicing BDSM, that includes acts like bondage and masochism. During one of their latest fantasies, things got out of hand with the latter losing his life when things got out of control.

Anita explained that she was a wife that needed to satisfy his man and would always record their sessions, according to She added that her husband had strange fetishes and one night he asked her to tie him up with plastic ties around his arms, neck and legs.

During the bondage session, her husband tried to break free and remove the ties, but ended up tightening them and strangling himself to death.

Where this story takes a turn is that Meyzer initially lied to police saying that she was out shopping and when she returned home she found her husband dead. To make matters worse, she tried to hide the cable ties and attempted to bribe a cop as well so the truth about his accidental death wouldn’t come to life.

Now Anita Meyzer has to face the consequences for her actions. She will spend three years in jail.

She said: “I’m sorry for what happened, for 4 months I have been locked up and wondering how can this happen to me – I’m the cause of death of the person I love most.”

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