Amidst the tremendous turmoil since Donald Trump’s insulting declarations about Mexico, many, including Univision, J Balvin, Roselyn Sanchez, and possibly more Latinos to come, are pulling out of one of the mogul’s most powerful businesses: the Miss Universe pageant. Although former crown winner Ximena Navarrete has said she will still back Trump, Lupita Jones, who became the first Mexican to win the crown in 1991, is not so sure about that. In fact, Jones has explained she could very likely decide to pull Mexico out of the race.

“After Donald Trump’s declarations, where he openly showed his animosity with Mexico, as the National Director of 'Nuestra Belleza México' I got in touch with Miss Universe President, Paula Shugart, to ask what their posture was towards Mexico’s contestant, Wendy Esparza,” Jones wrote in Spanish. “She assured me the treatment would be respectful, just and dignified, and I trust in Shugart’s seriousness, professionalism and honesty.”

“I will keep in touch with her and if, at any moment, I feel like I’m putting our contestants dignity and integrity at risk, I will reconsider Wendy’s participation in the Miss Universe pageant,” Jones concluded.