There are special tactics that people would learn from joining the army, something that makes them very dangerous.

According to a former Green Beret, he witnessed that and claims that a comrade named Tony bucked a broken collarbone and singlehandedly killed four enemies at once.

Master Sergeant Scott Neil Master spent 26 years as a Green Beret – the equivalent of the SAS. He was part of the first Special Special Operators to go into Afghanistan right after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Aside from that, the retired special forces also played a part in the successful route of the Taliban and the removal of Al-Qaeda from Afghanistan.

It was about this time that his friend named Tony got into the picture. He explained how they trained and prepared for another deployment into Africa against Al-Qaeda and other terror groups located there.

During that time, he described how his mate killed four enemies at once in hand-to-hand combat despite dealing with a broken collarbone when he spoke on The Pat McAfee Show.

"I had a friend Tony, he was the army powerlifter of all of Europe, his fingers were the size of this water bottle right here,” Master said. "He ended up doing hand-to-hand in one room with four guys and killing them all with a broken clavicle."

He also explained that once a special forces soldier enters a room, enemies would either surrender or start shooting at them. It is these moments when men who are in such situations just have to fight through adversity.

Upon hearing the story, McAfee recalled a time when a guest had to cancel because he suffered a broken clavicle that he suffered while riding a scooter.

"We had a guy who couldn't do a podcast because he broke his clavicle falling off a f***ing scooter and you've got a guy who kills four people with his bare hands," McAfee said.

National Security Guard (NSG) commando
A National Security Guard (NSG) commando stands guard during Sudarshan Bharat Parikram an event organised by the NSG as part of the ongoing 75th year of Indian Independence celebrations Getty Images | MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP

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