Nothing stirs more intrigue than the whiff of a secret romance. Unsurprisingly, most of the dubious tabloid reports run on the inane assumptions of the same.

While Hollywood’s eternal favorites Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s alleged “low-key love affair” has been spoken about at large despite both the stars repeatedly quashing the rumors, it’s certain that the grapevine isn’t going to stop anytime soon. The latest buzz is that the ex-spouses have decided on a double wedding—with none other than Aniston’s close buddy Courteney Cox, who incidentally is seeing Johnny McDaid.

The tabloid, “Woman’s Day” whipped up a rather bogus tale about How excited Aniston was to walk down the aisle once again with Brad. Add to it, things seemed more special with Cox and McDaid combining their nuptials with the former spouses. A questionable source in the report also divulged that the global pandemic is what’s keeping them from going all-out. The private wedding seems perfect amid the COVID-19 outbreak, as “there’s really no choice but to keep things low-key.”

The phony source, who happens to be a “friend” of the stars, alleged that since the four are keen on getting things going at the earliest—over a private dinner date at a secret location. But before the publication could go any further in spreading absolutely baseless rumors about Brad and Jen, Gossip Cop got back to business—and did a speedy check into the facts. And well, it didn’t take long to figure how there wasn’t an iota of truth in these stories.

Aniston’s rep termed the story “bogus”.  True, Aniston and Pitt’s camaraderie gave people a lot of hopes—about a rekindled romance. But, three months down, and the stars are clear that things aren’t going forward in any way. The former partners continue to be on cordial and platonic terms.

As for Cox and McDaid, things aren’t heading the marriage way because despite the couple having to call the engagement off in 2015, they’re still together. The stars seem pretty contented and secure in the way things are. So, a wedding is the last thing on their minds.

In all honesty, Aniston and Pitt have better things to worry about—their safety, for instance. The coronavirus scare has brought several nations to a complete lockdown and a speedy recovery from the crisis that’s running on everyone’s mind. Pitt and Aniston included.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston The hot again couple dines at L'Ami Louis restaurant in the romantic city of Paris. EXCLUSIVE, May 27, 2004. Getty Images