Frog Sushi? Video Of How People In Japan Eat Live Frogs Goes Viral [VIDEO]

A plate of live frog sushi in Japan YouTube/Screenshot

A viral video of a young japanese couple eating a frog alive has hit the interwebs. The video was first given to the website Stomp and from there the video spread everywhere.

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In the online video sent by a citizen journalist a live frog is seen stabbed alive, stripped clean of its skin, and its inedible innards removed to be served as fresh 'sashimi' on an iced platter.

The frog, which was first kept alive in a kitchen, was prepared in front of the customer after an order was placed.

After the frog is sliced up and the skin removed from its body the rest of the frog is simmered to make a soup after the sashimi bits are taken off.

Soshiok's website reports the Stomp community condemned the act, saying that it was 'an extreme act of cruelty to animals'.

On reader comments, "I feel sick watching how the woman could still smile and eat sashimi while the frog was looking at her."

Another said, "I love to eat frog porridge, especially frog legs! I'm fine with eating raw food but I definitely wouldn't want to see the frogs still twitching around on my plate and eventually die before my eyes."

Finally another said, "The poor frog in the video is being tortured alive and made to watch its own innards get ripped and placed on a serving platter. How cruel is that?"

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Eating frogs as a meal is definitely not uncommon. Countries such as Nambia and even the U.S. frogs are cooked and eaten. But to eat an animal in this manner is a rare site.

The video is graphic but if you have the stomach watch below.

Do you think the actions were an extreme case of animal cruelty?

What do you think?
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