There is no telling if or when Disney would come out with a “Frozen 3.” And while there are no scripts to date, the people behind the scenes may want to consider focusing on Anna for the third installment.

So far, Anna has played more of a supporting role to Elsa in “Frozen.” In fact “Frozen 2,” was more about Elsa. In all, the plots of the first two releases were centered on Elsa and her powers, not to mention her inner conflict.

Having said that, it would make sense to see Anna take the limelight this time around. With Anna now as Queen of Arendelle, Elsa could be better off taking on a supporting role with her sister now running a new kingdom, not to mention a fiancé to marry.

Unlike Elsa, Anna’s story may be less magical. Elsa could still be around to help her sister using her powers but a shift in the spotlight would certainly be something different that viewers would want to know.

The change in attention is expected to be tough. But allowing her to shine would be a great next installment. The fact that she was not raised for the throne further makes it interesting to see how she can manage a kingdom.

Hence, some of the issues that Anna's face is developing a new social structure, the challenges of being a Queen and adjusting to her new life from being a local to a powerful leader.

There are suggestions that Anna could develop powers in “Frozen 3.” There is no telling how producers can shift to this arc although potentially unleashing powers from within she never thought she had is possible.

The possibilities are endless but the third installment would make sense if it would focus on Anna over Elsa for a change.

Frozen 2
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