Madrid, Sep 17 (EFE) -- The Casa America of Madrid will celebrate this year's Hispanic Day with a 12-day program featuring concerts, films, exhibitions and conferences under the title "America brings us together", dedicated to Colombian Literature Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez, who died in April this year.

As of October 1, economists, writers, historians, journalists, entrepreneurs, experts and academics will analyze the past, present and future of America, while artists will display the cultural heritage of the Ibero-American region, announced Casa America, a cultural center focused mainly on Latin American arts.

Some of the activities running up to the October 12 Hispanic Day that commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America will include forums on business ventures in Ibero-America, concerts offered by young talents or a seminar on social issues in Latin America.

Many of the activities in this year's edition will be dedicated to the memoir of García Márquez, including a film exhibit and the continued reading at the doorstep of Casa America of his stories "The Ghosts of August" and "Miss Forbes's Summer of Happiness."

The program also features a photographic gymkhana in which participants will have to find the "American footprint" in Madrid, and the traditional "Rhythms of America", a musical show in which Latin American immigrants will present the folklore of their countries.

Participants in the cultural events include Peruvian film director Claudia Llosa, the coordinator of the Ibero-American center at the University of Sao Paulo, Pedro Dallari, former Peruvian vice president Raul Diez Canseco and Spanish rap singer El Chojin, anong others. EFE