Gabriel Soto is in the middle of divorcing his wife Geraldine Bazán following rumors that he cheated with Marjorie de Sousa. Although Soto denies an affair with the Venezuela actress, he doesn't deny he had flings with other women. During an interview with gossip show "De Primera Mano," Gustavo Adolfo Infante asks if he was faithful, and Soto admitted to it. He wasn't pressed about when or with who he cheated on his wife with, but it was confirmed that throughout their marriage, Soto was not the perfect husband. However, the telenovela heartthrob does say that he considers himself a good man and a good father.

"There were many errors accumulated and there was a point where all the gossip about the lifting," he said about the Marjorie de Sousa incident. "It was a relationship that started getting complicated, it started to get difficult. When a relationship is fractured, when there's no trust, it becomes destructive for everyone."

Infante asked if he was unfaithful to Bazán with De Sousa to which he replied: "Never, I didn't even give her a kiss." "[When I lifted her] you could see her bikini," he added. "If you watch wrestling, those are the types of lifts you see. If it would've been somewhere else and Marjorie would've have been wearing a bikini, it wouldn't have been a big fuss. Yes, they were very suggestive pictures, but from that to have sexual relations with Mrs. Marjorie de Sousa, I categorically deny it. I never even touched her."

After the break-up, rumors swirled that Soto was having an affair not with Marjorie, but with Irina Baeva, his "Vino El Amor" co-star. "I think they are trying to find someone to blame," Soto said. "Irina has nothing to do with my separation from Geraldine and there's no third person involved. The reason is that we have been carrying a lot of problems, complicated issues, that we tried, but ultimately -and for out well-being- it was the best."

Last week, Gabriel Soto took to Twitter to confirm the split. "Four months ago I started the separation process of the relationship I held for many years with my wife and the mother of my daughters, Geraldine Bazán," the presser says. "Even though we tried, a while ago, our relationship started fracturing."

"This decision has nothing to do with a third party, but it is precise to clear up that the consequences that were caused after I was involved in a story that I have rectified on all the occasions that I had the opportunity and I repeat again: I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT," he continued. "This process has been hard and difficult on both sides, I expect to go through it with respect, discretion, care and love to preserve the well-being and the harmony of our daughters that are our priority. All the situations in the life of a couple are absolutely between two people. This is why I ask and I thank all the press and people in advance, your profound comprehension and RESPECT for this situation."