Geraldine Bazán is not going through the best of times right now after it was confirmed that she was going through a divorce from her husband Gabriel Soto. To add more drama to the already chaotic media storm this has created, Irina Baeva is rumored to be having an affair with the "Caer En Tentación" telenovela star, rumor that the latter has already debunked. Bazán was at the airport with her family when a "Suelta La Sopa" reporter tried to get a response from her and she was not having it, with due reason.

"I'm here with my daughters and it's very disrespectful," she told the reporter. "I appreciate it, but at another time..." she continued saying trying to get them to go away and not have their daughters listen to what they were asking her. Even as the reporter was being rude to her, Bazán replied in a very classy way: "I know it's your job but there should be a line of respect."

In a seperate encounter, this time by Univision's "Despierta América," Geraldine was again asked repeatedly about her whole situation. The reporter even asked about the whole affair rumors Soto had with Irina Baeva but she simply replied: "That's something you should ask them."

Bazán asked her daughters to go with their grandma as she didn't want them to hear what they were asking her. She then took off her shades, stopped and talked to the reporter showing how classy she is. "The only thing I have to say is that I appreciate it a lot... You guys have no see that I am with my family," she said. "I appreciate your interest, I am fine, I am complete, I am happy spending time with my daughters and I don't have to say anything."

Bazán also added: "I am doing fine, just like you see me. It's a process that any woman has gone through, women that are warriors and women that are self-sufficient and that for their kids we pull through. I've always been a secure woman as you've seen. I think this is all a process, but you guys make it more complicated."

In an interview with gossip show "De Primera Mano," Gabriel Soto made it clear that Irina Baeva is not one to blame and he isn't dating anybody. "I think they are trying to find someone to blame," Soto said. "Irina has nothing to do with my separation from Geraldine and there's no third person involved. The reason is that we have been carrying a lot of problems, complicated issues, that we tried, but ultimately -and for out well-being- it was the best."

"It's important to clear my point of view and that a relationship is between two people," he said on "De Primera Mano". "Many people have talked and judged but what happens behind closed doors of a marriage only involves two people. What I can say is that Geraldine is a great woman and a mother and someone that has endured a lot."

Soto revealed that he has been unfaithful to Geraldine in the past, but despite those errores he considers himself a "good man and a father" and saying his daughters are what's most important to him. The telenovela actor said that the marriage was fractured and the infamous Marjorie de Sousa photos did not help out.

"There were many errors accumulated and there was a point where all the gossip about the lifting," he revealed. "It was a relationship that started getting complicated, it started to get difficult. When a relationship is fractured, when there's no trust, it becomes destructive for everyone."

Infante asked if he was unfaithful to Bazán with De Sousa to which he replied: "Never, I didn't even give her a kiss."