Gabriel Soto confirmed he had split from his wife and mother of two daughters, Geraldine Bazán. For days it was being speculated that Soto had, had an affair with his "Vino El Amor" co-star Irina Baeva. TVyNovelas magazine is said to have asked Bazán about the rumors that have been circulating about his cheating spouse to which she replied: "Yes, there's some of that." The publication is set to be released on Friday, and that has been the only bit to make the rounds on all the gossip shows.

Earlier this week, Soto released a statement about the separation from Geraldine Bazán. "Four months ago I started the separation process of the relationship I held for many years with my wife and the mother of my daughters, Geraldine Bazán," the presser says. "Even though we tried, a while ago, our relationship started fracturing. This decision has nothing to do with a third party, but it is precise to clear up that the consequences that were caused after I was involved in a story that I have rectified on all the occasions that I had the opportunity and I repeat again: I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT," he continued. "This process has been hard and difficult on both sides, I expect to go through it with respect, discretion, care and love to preserve the well-being and the harmony of our daughters that are our priority. All the situations in the life of a couple are absolutely between two people. This is why I ask and I thank all the press and people in advance, your profound comprehension and RESPECT for this situation."

Before the rumors that Soto was with Baeva, it was Marjorie de Sousa the name that sounded in the press after they were caught in a compromising position, carrying her on a beach. The actors accused the paparazzi of altering the photo session and using the images to sell a story that is completely false. Both, De Sousa and Soto, have denied all affairs rumors and explained their relationship is completely professional.

“I just want to leave something clear, very clear. First of all, we were never alone in the beach. You can go on my Instagram and see that I put photos of the whole group meditating, which is something we do before going into each scene, obviously you need energy, you are tired, and that day we were almost 8 hours on the road, we got to the hotel and we were destroyed, so we all went to the beach for a little bit,” De Sousa said after the scandal.

Marjorie was also slammed on social media and said: “I’m not that stupid, please! I have no need to go with a married man to a public beach and mess around.” She added, “people’s insults are not pretty, but you know what? I always say something good must be coming my way, maybe something bigger, which is why this is happening. God is making me stronger, and He is up there looking down, and He knows exactly how things are.”