'Me Declaro Culpable' Telenovela Cast: Irina Baeva, Daniela Castro Star In Televisa Soap

Me Declaro Culpable Telenovela
Irina Baeva and Juan Diego Covarrubias star in the Televisa telenovela Televisa

Televisa's new telenovela "Me Declaro Culpable" is already creating a lot of buzz in México after its premiere this week. The drama series stars Daniela CastroMayrín Villanueva and Juan Soler. The cast also includes Irina Baeva ("Vino El Amor"), Juan Diego Covarrubias ("De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero"), Pedro Moreno ("Tres Veces Ana"), Sabine Moussier ("Sueño De Amor") and many more. Find out more about the characters below and tell us what you think!

Irina Baeva is Natalia: Franco and Roberta’s daughter. Thanks to her father’s teachings, she is a generous, kind, and modest girl. She loves her father deeply and so she cares a lot about not damaging her relationship with him. She is Julián’s girlfriend, whom she stopped loving upon realizing they are substantially different. Natalia gets to know what real love is with Paolo, ignoring she caused his disability. When she learns the truth about this, she is tormented by guilt and remorse, and she struggles between revealing the truth and taking the risk of losing the love of her life and her father’s acceptance, or living her life consumed by this lie.

Juan Diego Covarrubias is Paolo: An enthusiastic and high-energy sportsman. Paolo was born within a modest family, but he has great talent for soccer and a high potential to become a sports’ star. He pursues this goal with discipline and devotion, but his dreams are torn apart when Natalia accidentally runs over him and leaves him in a wheel chair for life. As a result of the accident, Paolo becomes depressive and only recovers from this state thanks to Natalia’s support, of whom he has fallen deeply in love without knowing she is responsible for his misfortune.

Juan Soler is Franco: A successful, rich, self-confident lawyer with deep values. He is a fan of justice, which is why he quit law school. He is a family man, but his daughter, Natalia, is his weak link since he loves her dearly and she is the main reason to stay next to Roberta, his wife, whom he stopped loving a while ago. Upon meeting Alba, Franco sees life is giving him a new chance to love and be happy, but he also understands that reaching for that happiness won’t be easy at all.

Mayrín Villanueva is Alba: Honest, sensitive and good-hearted, but at the same time strong. Alba has been married to Javier for many years and became a victim of his illness after she courageously and compassionately disconnected him from his respirator at his request and went to jail. She is a devoted, affectionate mother that gets ripped inside when she is separated from her son, Santiago. She would do anything for him, even quitting her dreams of falling in love again and being happy next to Franco.

Alba and Franco start getting in touch too often, and although the circumstances around them are adverse, their frequent coexistence leads them to inevitably fall in love with each other. But a woman whose heart has been broken is capable of anything, and more so if she suffers a mental illness, that´s why Roberta won’t give up her husband so easily. She will dare to do the unthinkable just to keep him with her.

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