Telemundo announced the premiere date of "Sangre De Mi Tierra," their new primetime telenovela set to start on November 29 at 9pm/8c. Lambda García and Ana Belena will lead the cast of the original production that has locations in Florida and California. Santiago Ramundo (“Jesús de Nazaret”, “Sueño de Amor”), Miguel de Miguel (“La Reina del Sur”, “La Esclava Blanca”), Carolina Gómez (“La Viuda de la Mafia", "A Corazón Abierto"), Antonio de la Vega (“Club de Cuervos”, “El Chapo”) and Gloria Peralta ( “La Fan”, “En Otra Piel”) around up the main cast. Read the official synopsis down below and find out more about this new thrilling story!

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: Crisanto Castañeda and Natalia de Montiel are very passionate about the vine. For them, the cultivation of grapes, the processing of its juice and the quality of their wine is not just a job or a way to sustain themselves…it’s a passion, a lifestyle, the only way to breathe and feel. This is the story of two intense and complicated families, the Castañeda and the Montiel, their encounters, their enmity, their loves, their hates, and their intolerances, on the edge of the great passion they share: the vine.

Crisanto Castañeda came to Napa thirty years ago from his native Michoacán, without a cent. After many years of arduous work, he conquered the world: he has a loyal wife, Mercedes, four lovely children: Emilio, Aurora, Paloma and Leonardo. He has his splendid vineyards, but above all he owns a cellar of robust and intense wines.

Natalia Martinez de Montiel was born on the great vineyards of Napa and grew up picking grapes with her parents, Joaquin and Emilia Martinez, humble laborers that struggled and fought to give her a better future in this new land. Thanks to their efforts she was able to complete her education, graduating from college. She married Francisco (Paco) Montiel, an educated and good man who supported her on achieving her dreams of becoming a wine producer, and today she’s set on her plans for expansion. She has a wonderful and only child, Luis Montiel. Luis is married to the adorable Anita Carmona, and he graduated enologist like his father. Natalia also had to raise her husband’s first child, the problematic Juan José (Juanjo) Montiel.

Since Joaquin Martinez helped Crisanto buy his first land, both families have been friends for many years. Later, Crisanto lent money to the Montiels to open their small winery. But this harmonic relationship ends with the death of Emilio, Crisanto’s eldest son, in an automobile accident caused by the negligence of Juan José (Juanjo), Emilio’s best friend and Paco’s son.

From this family tragedy, a war begins between these two families and wineries. Driven by pain and rage over his loss, Crisanto files a lawsuit that aggravates Juan José’s sentence of unintentional homicide, which makes him  serve some time in prison. A series of clashes will arise between Natalia and Crisanto, and therefore, among other members of both families… But amidst all the hatred, love lies beneath: Juanjo’s love for the already married Aurora, and Paco’s passionate love for Paloma, the Castañeda’s youngest daughter. This relationship exacerbates the continuous battles and traps Natalia and Crisanto inflict on each other.

And at the most culminating point of this hostility, there’s a murder that will put the two families on edge, as there were many who had motives to commit this crime. Besides the suspense created by this murder, each member of both families will have to deal with their own particular demons.

Juan José (Juanjo) Montiel will have to overcome his guilt and prove to the world and the woman he loves, that he is much more than the black sheep of the family. Aurora Castañeda will have to accept that she made the wrong decision when choosing her life partner; she’ll have to learn to be brave and fight against her abusive husband’s physical and psychological threats. Paloma Castañeda, in the spring of her life, and a much older Paco Montiel, will discover that love can take them by surprise, and lead them to new lives and new dreams. Luis and Anita Montiel, despite the great love they’ve lived since adolescence, will find themselves in a crisis of unusual and devastating consequences. Natalia will realize she has lost the best and most valuable moments of her life as she pursued her dream of excellence. Leonardo Castañeda, born a male in a traditional and male chauvinist family, will have to discover and proudly expose his true spirit, which goes beyond the gender with which he was born. As a mother and strong woman, Mercedes Castañeda will learn to make her voice be heard before her oppressive husband. And Crisanto will finally learn that it’s not worth winning the war against his enemies, owning more and better lands, and producing the best wines… if he has no one with whom he can open a bottle of wine and celebrate a new harvest.

This story is a constantly changing mural that tells the drama and passions of very real and special people, with deep roots, who have faced many obstacles; people as strong and intense as an aged Cabernet Sauvignon of Gran Reserva. On this mural there is neither good nor bad, only human beings with deep emotions and flaws, they fall and they rise… and have faith that the new harvest of love and hope will be the most abundant, and will give them the best of wines.