Game Show Network Racist Video Surfaces: Watch Clip Of Blatant Display Of Racism Aired On 'Without Prejudice' Show 6 Years Ago [VIDEO]

Game Show Racism
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Six years ago, the Game Show Network decided it was a good idea to bring to America a famed British game show called "Without Prejudice?" where a group of five strangers decided which member of another group of five strangers should receive a prize of $25,000 based on the impressions and opinions of each contestant as made by the panelists. The U.S. version aired from July 17, 2007 to September 16, 2007 and was hosted by psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig.

On the show, the contestants had to eliminate a first person solely based on who gives the worst impression. Later, a short biography of the contestants is shown, followed by their occupation and annual salary. The panel then eliminates a second contestant. The three remaining contestants are asked about three "hot button" issues, such as prostitution, same-sex marriage and adoption, or gun control. Then, a hidden camera video is shown with the three contestants interacting with actors whom they believe to be contestants. The third contestant is then eliminated.

The final two contestants are interviewed by the panel. Any panelist can ask any question, as long as he or she doesn't ask what the winner would do with the money. The panel then votes for a winner. Although the show was short-lived, it gained notoriety when on one episode, a contestant claimed he would eliminate another contestant solely because "he's black," in what is probably the most blatant display of outright racism that has ever been aired on a television game show.

Watch the clip below, where one of the contestants shocks the rest of the panel with his opinion of "Michael," another contestant who the group was evaluating.

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