"I am Daenerys Stormborn and I will take what is mine with fire and blood." Well that certainly seems like a determined young lady. Season 4 of "Game of Thrones" will prove vital for Daenerys and her quest for the Iron Throne. When we last saw the Khaleesi, she had just freed the city of Yunkai and the former slaves were thanking her for her kindness and salvation, they call her "Mhysa" which is Ghiscari for mother. Khaleesi is now the ruler for two of three cities of Slaver's Bay, but her main goal is to sit upon the Iron Throne, so will Daenerys stay in Yunkai and build a kingdom or will she take back Westeros with the help of her dragons?

Well in Season 4 unfortunately Daenerys is no step closer to sitting on the Iron Throne. She has been attempting to cross the Narrow Sea and return to Westero for quite some time. She first started her journey in Pentos when her brother Viserys traded her hand in marriage in exchange for a Dothraki army. Visyers grew impatient with his sister's new husband, Khal Drogo, and becomes threatened by her growing power and popularity amongst "his" army. Viserys, who warns his younger sister to never awaken the dragon, threatens Daenerys in front of Drogo. Drogo, who has grown quite fond of his new wife, then delivers his crown as promised, adorning him in molten gold, which kills him. This moment has vital consequences for Dany who realizes that her brother was not a true dragon, because dragons cannot burn. Knowing this her power, pride and determination grows in result.

After Pentos, Dany travels to Qarth after losing her beloved husband and giving birth to her three dragons. Khal Drogo fell ill due to a festering wound, and a Khal who cannot ride is no Khal at all. After his death, her army falls apart, only her loyal blood riders remaining after seeing her emerge from the flames with three baby dragons. They are abandoned in the Red Waste before arriving at the gates of Qarth. Her long journey continued with her leaving Qarth on ships and sailing to Slaver's Bay in order to buy the Unsullied. Her plan was to buy enough Unsullied in order to take back the Iron Throne, but giving in to her "gentle heart", Dany got distracted.

In Season 3 we watched as Dany liberated both Astapor and Yunkai and freed her Unsullied soldiers, she now commands an army of loyal free man and has a mass following of adoring people. So now that she has the resources to head back to Westeros in Season 4, why isn't she going? Well because the largest city in Slaver's Bay is still controlled by slave masters, and Dany feels obligated to help. So Dany heads off to Meereen, where she will be met with her toughest and bloodiest battle yet, sort of.

Dany's story in Season 4 will vary greatly from her story in "Storm of Swords." Dany's plot in the HBO series is being fast-forwarded, much to dismay, so I'm not sure what events will be eliminated or altered. But in regards to spoilers, a huge part of Dany's time in Meereen branches off an event, in which she is almost assassinated by the Titan's Bastard. She is saved by Arstan Whitebeard, who we later discover is Ser Barrsiatn Selmy in disguise. After he saves her life, his true identity is finally revealed but because he has been Dany's confidant and advisor for so long she is shocked and feels betrayed. In an effort to save face, Selmy also reveals the truth about Jorah. Remember when loyal ole Jorah was providing information to Varys in exchange for a royal pardon? Oh you, forgot, well Dany is about to find out. And she is pissed! Jorah insists that he did nothing wrong and Dany banishes him despite the love she feels for him and the desire to pardon her big protective bear. Selmy is pardoned because he admits his guilt and expresses his desire to serve Dany as her Queensgaurd. Oh a Queen you ask? Yup, that happens. Dany captures Meereen after sending both Selmy and Jorah on a suicide mission from which they both return.

It seems like she might finally feast her eyes on Westeros in a "Feast for Crows" but again we are disappointed. Dany struggles as the Queen of Meereen due to the many threats from the former slaving families. She also receives horrible news after freeing the last of the slavering cities, the Wise Masters of Yunkai have returned to power and reinstituted slavery, and in Astapor things are even worse. So Dany decides to stay in Meereen until she restores peace and control to her newly conquered lands, she also desires to learn how to be a fair and just ruler before conquering the Seven Kingdoms. Season 4 could be a tough transition into TV for Dany's plot, I'm not sure how they will keep the viewer entertained with her rather tedious and monotonous rule in Meereen, but somehow I have feeling Benoiff and Weiss will pull it off. And remember, "When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who wronged me! We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!" All hail the Mother of Dragons.



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