Jon Snow's fate will be revealed during episode 9, "The Watchers on the Wall." HBO

Season 4 of “Game of Thrones” only has two episodes left, and despite the disappointment, fans should prepare to be amazed because like previous “Game of Thrones” seasons, episode 9 is set to be one to remember. The episode, entitled “The Watchers on the Wall,” will feature the forthcoming battle between the men of the Night’s Watch and Mance Rayder’s 100,000 strong army of wildlings. The battle for the Wall has been foreshadowed throughout Season 4, with a group of wildlings including Jon Snow’s former flame, Ygritte, destroying the small towns near the Wall. In episode 8, “The Mountain and the Viper” the Night’s Watch learned that the neighboring town of Moles Town had been ransacked meaning that Castle Black is the last point of attack before the entire wildling army moves further South, away from the growing threat of the White Walkers.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Season 4 of “Game of Thrones.” If you do not want to know what will occur in forthcoming episodes do not read any further.

Recent spoiler reports have confirmed that episode 9, “The Watcher on the Wall” will take place entirely at the Wall and in the North, meaning that the main feature of the full-hour long episode will be the battle. Which when considering the huge number of storylines, and large ensemble cast “Game of Thrones” has, a full episode in one place is a rarity! In George R.R. Martin’s “A Storm of Swords” the wildling attack will begin from the south of Castle Black and unfortunately draws out most of the Night’s Watch remaining forces. Acting Lord of the Night’s Watch Alliser Throne takes the bait Mance has set and leaves Castle Black largely undefended without its rangers, leaving behind the stewards and the sick.

As the rangers leave, the main gate of the Wall will be attacked, however due to the small passageway the attack will only allow a few wildling attackers at a time. Due to this advantage and the wildlings’ lack of order and tactical skill, the few number of Night’s Watch will be able to pick off the attackers as they attempt to ram the gate. Despite Jon Snow’s role as steward in the Night’s Watch, he will rise as a natural born leader and rally his brothers in arms atop the Wall. Using their advantage in location and visibility, Jon will arrange a small team of Night’s Watch to serve as archers and shot down the approaching attackers, which greatly depletes their numbers.

Despite their depleted numbers, the Battle of Castle Black rages on, and both the wildlings and the Night’ Watch refuse to admit defeat. Even with the best effort of Jon Snow and his few remaining capable archers, the Night’s Watch is overwhelmed and the wildlings take to the zigzagging stairs of the castle that lead to the South. The battle seemingly begins and ends on these stairs, the Night’s Watch relinquishes the stairs, superficially defeated by Mance’s huge forces, but the brothers attempt one last desperate tactical move. The stairs that now hold majority of the wildling forces are soaked in oil, and the Night’s Watch begins to shoot flaming arrows at it and set it ablaze. The stairs burn and crumble, killing most of the wildling forces, as well as the Night’s Watch main system for reaching the top of the Wall.

While the Night’s Watch breathes a slight sigh of relief, the now defeated attackers were only half of the wildling army. After discovering the failure of the initial attack, Mance turns his forces on Castle Black and attacks the gate, Jon so desperately wanted to seal. Giants, atop mammoths, attack the gate, however the Night’s Watch are able to the defended the castle, by swiftly navigating the tunnel system, which includes murder holes and an internal gate. After more deaths of men of the Night’s Watch are suffered, Jon Snow leads the command, at the request of Maester Aemon. The relentless attack is won by the men of the Night’s Watch, however with Jon’s bravery and sacrifice comes heartache. Ygritte is killed in the initial ranging attack, Jon is devastated, she dies in his arms, and however he is slightly comforted by the fact that his arrow was not the one that killed her. Fans should expect the reunion between Jon and Ygritte and ultimately her death to be emotional, a voiceover in the promo video for episode 9, warns "Love is the death of duty."

Jon Snow is hit with another devastating blow, when Alliser Throne returns to Castle Black he does not congratulate Jon on leading the attack or saving Castle Black, instead he throws him in the ice cells. When Throne met the Mance’s diversion, they captured Rattleshirt of the wildlings who revealed that Jon was deserter, who not only joined forces with Mance but broke his vows with Ygritte. Throne disregards Jon’s statement regarding Qhorin Halfhand’s direct orders and throws in the cells, eventually the acting commander releases Jon and sends him to the remaining wildling camp to discuss a treaty with the still surviving Mance Rayder.

This is most likely where episode 9, “The Watchers on the Wall” will leave off, however the war between the wildlings and the men of the Night’s Watch is far from over. A well-known character from Dragonstone, may arrive to stake a claim but we are thinking that this storyline will pick up in Season 5 of “Game of Thrones.”

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