Devoted fans of “Game of Thrones” we have a long wait until season 4. Fortunately for our sanity, there is always some tidbit of news to help us through the excruciating wait until we get to watch part 2 of “A Strom of Swords” play out on our television screens. The latest new release regarding “Game of Thrones” is actually pretty awesome; the special effects team at SpinVFX has released a video of some of their work.

SPINVFX was the special effects team responsible for the world of Westeros being brought to life in Season 3, the clip reel shows just how the team used a multitude of green screens and CGI to make the fantasy series believable. In the video, which also includes a fiery “Game of Thrones,” soundtrack, gives fans a glimpse of the true scope of digital work used to convey a convincing a massive Westeros.

CGI is used to create Dany’s army of 8,000 Unsullied, while the actors and trainers work on green screens for their interactions with the giant direwolves. The massive medieval castles and fortresses we thought were tucked away in some remote corner of the world are digitally produced, along with the Wall that Jon and the Wildlings daringly climb.

The world of which the “Game of Thrones” cast inhabits is made much larger, menacing and ominous after the special effects team takes control. The special effects company Pixomondo from season 2 released a similar clip reel.

The special effects teams employed for “Game of Thrones” are so integral and important not only to the look of the show, but also the telling of the story, Westeros is a larger than life world, and though the use of CGI and green screens, the audience truly perceives it that way.

What are you expecting for the special effects in Season 4? What do you think the dragons will look like? Another scene to look forward to is the royal wedding between Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell.


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